Adventurous Cave tour in Budapest

Budapest is famous for its natural underground beauties. During this tour you can discover one of those cities which have hundreds of smaller and bigger caves in the world.

Budapest is famous for its natural underground beauties. During this tour you can discover one of those cities which have hundreds of smaller and bigger caves in the world.

The program


Most of these caves were discovered in the beginning of 20th century, 9 of them are strictly protected, 3 are opened for tourists.

The tour includes:

Rock Chapel – Budapest’s most interesting ecclesiastical sight in Buda Hill.

Pálvölgyi Cave – The longest and most enthralling cave of Budapest. On the tour of Pálvölgyi Cave we can discover the most astonishing stone formations (like the chamber of Snow White and the seven dwarfs), drip stones, glittering calcium-crystals and prints of primeval shells.

Do not forget to take warm clothes with you!

After the Budapest Sightseeing Tour you can optionally visit and try a famous spa of Hungary: Széchenyi Spa, Gellért Spa, Rudas Spa, Király Spa, Lukács Spa.

Cave tours

Budapest is the capital of caves. It is the only capital in the world which has caves of significant size and length underneath its buildings and streets. More than two hundred caves are known under the Buda side of the town.

However these caves also have a special place in the world because of their unusual thermal water based development. The hydrothermal caves of Budapest were created by the same thermal springs that supply the famous spas of the capital and the entire area is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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