Corporate Travel

At MultiGo, travel means so much more than biking, sightseeing, walking or flying. We got here by crafting immersive, experiential and unforgettable adventures to every corner of the globe.

At MultiGo, travel means so much more than biking, sightseeing, walking or flying. We got here by crafting immersive, experiential and unforgettable adventures to every corner of the globe.

In the world of corporate travel as well as in business life reliability and cost-efficiency are the two most important values. With this end in view, MultiGo takes its clients to any part of the world at uniquely favorable price compared to market prices. 

Our colleagues help you find your way around and organise the details of your business trips by means of our Personal Travel Advisor service in order that everything can happen as you wish. It might as well be either car renting or organising an incentive tropical adventure tour; you can use MultiGo's services without administration and transaction fees.

Whether you’re rewarding your top sales people, hosting your top clients, or sharing a love of philanthropy and cultural interests with members and donors, our best trip designers will craft a trip you’ll hardly believe was possible.

Want to rub elbows with a Michelin-starred chef in a cooking class in his private kitchen? Or take aim in a helicopter paint ball game? With a wealth of experience planning corporate and affinity travel, we work with CEOs, corporate travel planners and alumni and donor groups to craft unforgettable experiences for organizations of all sizes – all with an attention to detail unmatched by anyone else.

While each of our trips is uniquely designed to your business and group, every departure bears the hallmarks we’ve become known for: unparalleled routes, exceptional hotels, meticulous attention to detail, incredible guides and the kind of insider access that only comes after 15 years spent making friends around the world.

Why Use MultiGo For Your Corporate Travel?

Because with MultiGo, the standard retreat is anything but standard. We don’t do cookie cutter, and you’ll never find us scrambling for ideas.

We’ve been around for a while (if you count half a century as “a while”), and we’re big enough to have global scale, but still small enough to provide flexible and highly personalized service.

And if we’ve learned anything in our 50 years, it’s that creativity and passion are paramount. That’s why we go deep to uncover the hidden gems and authentic personalities that will wow your employees, clients and members.

Our team of extraordinary staff includes world-class guides and award-winning trip designers who have no equals. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect trip that meets your price range and service needs (and then make sure it exceeds your expectations).

In short, we understand how to make very successful (and occasionally very demanding) people very happy. We’re here to make you look good!

Rewards & Incentives

There’s a reason why companies and our leisure travellers return to us time and time again. With one of the best repeater scores in the industry we know we do things well and ensure we deliver a MultiGo signature experience with every itinerary. Why fall short on true appreciation by giving your top performers a bottle of champagne when you can take them to the cave in France and taste it first hand. Need a professional photographer on the trip? Hoping to theme your team? MultiGo is able to customize the smallest details and has the connections to make it seamless for you.

Executive Retreats

Because we personally oversee our planning and operations we can easily provide for small and large groups. Have a dispersed team of Senior VPS across the continents? Need to organize something quickly to maximize travel schedules? MultiGo has a vast collection of travel itineraries to bring your forum group or team together in record time. While other companies need long lead times, we pride ourselves on capturing the moment… even if it is now!

Client Hospitality

When the stakes are high and you’re looking to wow your clients, we deliver. Our travellers range from Wall Street billionaires to Hollywood celebrities; from media moguls to political heavyweights (we’re only missing a President); from artistic luminaries to Nobel prize winners. We have plenty of normal (though highly successful) people who travel with us as well and we treat them all with the same MultiGo finesse. When you’re looking to create memories that last well into the next fiscal year, we’re your boutique travel company.

Affinity Groups

Looking to engage with your highest donors? Want to launch a new fundraising campaign for your museum or art gallery expansion? MultiGo works with multiple alumni and membership groups to create travel experiences tailored to their unique objectives. Whether you need to include a few complimentary  hosts in the tour, provide for a fundraising element for the trip or simply customize the travel content to something more specific to your institutional interests, we provide the flexibility to make things happen in a way that doesn’t feel like “group travel”.


Our company also deals with entry and entry. It is not a problem for us to travel or travel to Hungary. We undertake business lunches, meetings, conferences or weddings both abroad and in the country. We continuously train our staff, we update our offer with the latest offers every day so we are up-to-date and quick to handle all our old and new passengers, guests and customers. If you would like to travel to Hungary, we will surely find the most suitable source and program for you.



If you are looking for a company, to take the pressure down from your shoulder organizing a company event, a meeting, a business dinner or lunch, or simply organizing a gala event, you are at the right place. Our company offers a comprehensive - but not superficial - solution to everyday problems with which an event or a trip can take place. We will not be disappointed with the efficient and fast cooperation of our experienced staff.



Put your party experience to good use by planning, designing and throwing events for private and corporate clients. Get into the event and party planner business with us from the MultiGo list of entertainment & events business ideas. Other services which are essential for a well-organized event: beautiful hostesses, photographer, video recording, arranging performers / shows / announcers / speakers / music bands / singers / dj's and transfers etc.


Do you need help?

Too much insecurities? Do not know where and how to travel?
When will you organize your corporate conference or where?
Let our colleagues help you decide.

Working with the bests.

Today, travelers who want a well-planned vacation but don’t want to do the planning can find a travel agent who caters to exactly what they’re looking for. Agencies often handle transfers between multiple destinations, event planning services, group travel arrangements and more. Working with a travel agent can help take the stress out of travel.