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Guide & interpreter

We provide qualified tour guides for both coach and walking tours, offering a variety of languages and experience of guiding local tours in Budapest.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the marketplace, we not only provide tour guides, but can also offer an advisory service to operators new to the Hungarian market regarding itineraries and practical matters relating to site visits and timings. With our large database of guides, we can often assist with last-minute bookings and emergencies, where an individual tour operator may not have this information readily available.

We can provide you guides, hosts, hostesses and interpreters in any languages you need for your programs, meetings or conferences.

Guide Services

  • Meet and greet at arrivals
  • Escorted transfers for groups and individuals (from/to airport/train station/dinners)
  • Multilingual, licensed tour guides
  • Driver guides for tours and transfers in Hungary and to the neighboring countries (by car/minivan)
  • Escort guides for business travelers/private persons
  • Special, experienced guides for MICE groups
  • Private tour guide services

Interpreting services

  • Experienced, professional interpreters in any languages and in any required topic
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Simultaneous interpreting

You plan a trip to the city abroad and you want to find local guide-interpreter who would arrange you a tour in English around local attractions. What requirements should be imposed to such guide?

First of all, it is desirable for such guide-interpreter to know English well as native or as main foreign language. Fortunately, in many foreign countries English is either the main or one of the main languages.

Especially, if it is a question of some famous city or large tourist center. Secondly, it is desirable that he had experience of conducting excursions in English on subject that is interesting for you.

A lot of things depend on, whether we speak about usual sightseeing tour around local sights, or you wish to order some special theme excursion: for example, to musical or literary places.

Anyway, it is better to discuss all your wishes in advance, including duration of excursion and how profound it has to be.

Today, we have a team of over one hundred trained and experienced tour guides spread across Hungary offering all major European and world languages, as well as some lesser known ones. As a Travel Agency, we focus on providing a customised service to a small number of ongoing tour operators who value the quality of our personalised and ‘hands’on’ approach. We also focus on providing a highly personalised service to our tour guides on an ongoing basis.

Interpretation at celebrations

Such events, where you need help of personal interpreter, can be very different: City Day, company anniversary, corporate party, New year, wedding, etc. Type of interpreting and corresponding skills, necessary for the interpreter, will differ a little depending on format and venue of festive event or celebration (company office, theater, restaurant, recreation area), number of invited guests, level of officiality and your role at the event, whether you present as ordinary participant or as one of special guests.

At escorting and interpreting at festive event, besides brisk and live interpretation, not of less importance is interpreter’s skill to communicate, ability to behave in official situation, smartness, presentable appearance, moderate use of alcoholic beverages.

Interpretation of a consultion in a clinic

You go to foreign clinic for consultation or treatment, and you need local interpreter good at medicine.

Medical interpretation is one of the most difficult types of interpretation. In this case it is always very important to interpret the diagnosis exactly, as well as medical appointments and recommendations. The interpreter who confuses liver and spleen, won't suit you.

To get competent interpretation at a visit of foreign clinic or at consultation with foreign doctor, as a rule, you need medical interpreter not just of general profile, but the interpreter with knowledge of certain area of medicine which the disease belongs to. The interpreter who copes successfully with interpretation on all-medical subjects, will not always be able to interprets consultation on urology or gynecology the same successfully.

Interpretation at an exhibition

You fly to a foreign exhibition as a specialist-visitor and you want to use services of the local interpreter.

Trip to the international specialized exhibition abroad is always a special event. To make exhibition visit most effective, it is important to break a language barrier, to find a common language for business communication. Skilled interpreter will help you to do it. Interpretation at an exhibition has certain peculiarities and isn't similar to any other type of interpretation; therefore to escort individual expert or a group of experts during exhibition visit, it is better to find the interpreter, who has knowledge of the corresponding terminology in two languages, good skills of oral bilingual interpretation, loud voice and clear articulation, ability to grasp and interpret the main thing, despite the mass of distracting and stirring factors, ability to adapt quickly in unusual situation.

We provide translation services to some of the world’s best known hotel groups, airlines, travel technology providers and online travel agents.

Important negotiations with the foreign business partner are coming, and the qualified interpreter is necessary, because not all staff of your company who will participate in negotiations, are fluent speakers of the corresponding foreign language. The success of the forthcoming negotiations can depend on a right choice of the interpreter and accuracy of the interpretation.

While choosing the interpreter it is important to consider type of the forthcoming negotiations as well as additional knowledge and skills which can be necessary for the interpreter. For Interpreter could render the service successfully, it is better to clue the interpreter in advance by telling him the theme of negotiations and providing with available materials for preparation. It is preferable for the Interpreter to have experience of participation in such negotiations or have enough time for preparation. Both are even better.