Hot air balloning

A hot air balloon ride is an exciting, amazing and an everlasting experience, which is different from the usual leisure time activities. You can recall the memories of your flight at any time via the drone and camera recordings taken by us during.

Fly with us freely and in the greatest safety! A hot air balloon ride is an exciting, amazing and an everlasting experience, which is different from the usual leisure time activities. You can recall the memories of your flight at any time via the drone and camera recordings taken by us during the flight.

Would you like to dazzle your Sweetheart? Want to surprise your Love with a really special gift? Are you looking for a magnificent premise setting to pop the question? If you are thinking about these things then this offer is exactly for you! The solution is the only heart shaped balloon in Hungary! 

You can find spectacular surroundings for the flight of your life in the heart of Nógrád county just about an hour north of Budapest. You can see the special, nowhere – else – experienced feeling of freedom during our flights, beginning at sunrise or ending at sunset. A hot air balloon ride is a really exciting and spectacular activity which is different from any other flying forms. You can experience the freedom of flying as you look around through 360° from the basket of the balloon.

Its versatility is shown by the fact that one minute we can feel the pleasant smell of the fields and meadows floating not far from the ground and after a while we can just enjoy a map-like landscape at 2000 metres laid out underneath us. Leave the stressful and rushing world behind you for a while and fly with us! Make sure your camera is ready to record the gorgeous view of Nógrád county from a perspective that cannot be compared to anything else. 

The times mentioned below can be different according to the time of sunrise or sunset.

05:30 / 18:00 - MEETING IN BERCEL

The passengers are greeted by the pilot and the staff at the time of the appointment. By this time the balloon is ready to be inflated and the envelope is laid out ready. The pilot gives a briefing/some information to the passengers about the flight.

6:00 – 6.30 / 18:30 - 19:00 - INFLATION OF THE BALLOON, GETTING IN

The inflating of the balloon takes about 30 minutes. During this time you can take photos or you can only watch how the envelope gets its shape and the balloon wakes. After this passengers can get into the basket.

06:30 - 07:30 / 19:00 - 20:00 - FLYING

2-3 minutes after getting into the basket the balloon will lift up and float softly with the breeze. You will feel absolutely safe in the basket as you will actually not feel the movement itself. The planned duration of the flight is about 50-70 minutes. At the end of the flight the pilot will land at an appropriate place.

07:30 - 08:00 / 20:00 - 20:30 CELEBRATION

Celebration with champagne and a certificate after landing, as a souvenir of your flight.

The safety terms of a hot air balloon ride


Weather conditions

A hot air balloon flight depends on the weather to a great extent. There are four primary weather conditions for a safe take off, flying and landing.

1. Wind force

The surface wind cannot be stronger than 3-3.5 m/s (about 11-13 km/h). It is not a problem if the wind is stronger at a higher altitude. It only means that we can fly further and can see more.

2. Devoid of rainfall

We cannot fly in rainy or snowy weather because all the equipment can be ruined.

3. Visual distance

We cannot fly in foggy weather as the obstacles on the ground can be invisible.

4. Time without thermals

In such weather conditions, when there are thermals, we do not fly as it can turn the safe take off or landing into a dangerous one.


1. Clothing

The maximum height of our flight is 2000 metres (it is about 5-10 °C colder up there) so it is advised to get dressed in windproff, long sleeved, long legged, comfortable clothes which is made of wool rather than synthetic fibre, such as a pullover, a cardigan and a cap. It is also advised to wear waterproof shoes or boots. High heeled shoes, slippers or sandals are not proper for the ride.

2. Briefing

Before inflating the balloon there will be a short briefing given by the pilot when the details of the actual flight will be outlined. He will show and divide the places among the passengers and will repeat the safety rules that must be kept during the inflation of the balloon, the take off and landing as well.

3. Take off – Flying – Landing

It is only possible to get into the balloon basket with the permission of the pilot. When all the passengers have settled down comfortably in the basket, the flight will start. During the flight please keep to all the instructions given by the pilot. Right before the landing and at the pilot’s request you will have to take up the landing position which will be explained and practised before and during the flight with the help of the pilot. When the basket lands you can only get out of the basket after the pilot gives permission to do so. All these rules were made to provide our passengers with a safe flight and a pleasant experience.


A hot air balloon flight is the safest and the most peaceful way of flying but it is an extreme sport at the same time. Anybody can fly in a hot air balloon who is taller than 120 cm (usually over the age of 6) and if his or her state of health enables it. This way of flight is not advisable for those who have locomotor disorder, psychiatric problems, people who have just had an operation, or are going to have such a procedure, and ladies who are preganant. Please let us know if the passenger weighs more than 120 kg because it is a question of an individual discussion. Infants cannot take part without parental guidance. Those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot take part in the programme at all. SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED at the take off and landing places and during the flight, too.


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